Forward Programme


President Adam Afriyie MP
Chairman Andrew Churchill

Deputy chairman Andrew Henderson

Vice Chairman (Policy Studies) Philip Virgo 

Deputy President Vicky Ford MEP
Deputy President Stephen Mosley MP



18th November 17.30 for 18.00 Digital Infrastructure Working Group

Planning Meeting: Working Group Members only

(visit the Digital Infrastructure page and e-mail a short CV and note of

your interests and expected contribution for an invitation to join)


The list of topics being addressed in the forward programme includes:


Energy Infrastructures for an evolving, lower carbon world: smart meters, grids  and generation: click here for an invitation to join the working group.


Digital infrastructures for a world of customer choice and accountability: including communications, trust and skills: click here for invitation to join the working group.


Public Service Infrastructures for a world of citizen power: planning,  procurement,  skills and accountability for the devolution and integration of services.


Investment frameworks: angels, venture capital, local enterprise exchanges, mutuals, co-partnerships, innovation and choice  


Securing the Cyberworld against predators and enemies: the governance and funding of co-operation and partnership in law enforcement and civil defence


Frameworks (from schools, colleges and universities, through pre- and post- graduate apprenticeships  to continuous professional development) to ensure UK workers can acquire the skills needed for the 21st Century, when and where needed: click here for invitation to join the working group


How do we rebuild trust in the on-line world: reconciling the various privacy, security, trust, surveillance, big data and "customer service" agendas with freedom of personal choice? click here for invitation to join the working group.