Forward Programme

President Adam Afriyie MP
Chairman Andrew Churchill
Deputy President Vicky Ford MEP
Deputy President Stephen Mosley MP


Party Conference 28th September - 1st October


Stand P17 in the Party Zone


30th September 16.00 IET Austin Court

Rt Hon David WIlletts will introduce discussion on Cybersecurity Policy


30th September 21.30 Hyatt Regency - Soprano

Launch of Policy Studies


The list of topics being addressed in the forward programme includes:



Energy Infrastructures for an evolving, lower carbon world: smart meters, grids  and generation


Digital infrastructures for a world of customer choice and accountability: including communications, trust and skills


Public Service Infrastructures for a world of citizen power: planning,  procurement,  skills and accountability for the devolution and integration of services.


Investment frameworks: angels, venture capital, local enterprise exchanges, mutuals, co-partnerships, innovation and choice  


Securing the Cyberworld against predators and enemies: the governance and funding of co-operation and partnership in law enforcement and civil defence


Frameworks (from schools, colleges and universities, through pre- and post- graduate apprenticeships  to continuous professional development) to ensure UK workers can acquire the skills needed for the 21st Century, when and where needed.