Forward Programme


President Adam Afriyie MP
Chairman Andrew Churchill

Deputy chairman Andrew Henderson

Vice Chairman (Policy Studies) Philip Virgo 

Deputy President Vicky Ford MEP
Deputy President Stephen Mosley MP




17th March 18.00 - 20.00 Annual General Meeting, Committee Room 17


Draft Agenda


18.00 Introductions and Apologies for Absence, followed by  statutory business.



(These will not have been audited because a later item of business is to appoint the honorary auditor)





Two Deputy Presidents: Parliamentary Chairmen Westminster and Brussels 


Deputy Chairman     

Up to Three Vice-Chairmen

Honorary secretary

Honorary Membership Secretary 

Honorary Treasurer  

Committee: up to fourteen members   






18.30 Discussion of plans for 2015, including for the Election Campaign


We may vary the running order to make it easier for parliamentary officers and members to comment on progress and plans.